Behind the scenes of Lamborghini's young driver shootout


Finding new talent is the lifeblood of any racing team or manufacturer programme in motorsport. In all the top categories of racing, fans love to see young drivers come through to challenge the established names. We went behind the scenes at Lamborghini’s World Finals in Jerez, Spain as they look for Altoe’s successor and followed the fortunes of three young challengers; Jack Bartholomew (UK), Danny Kroes (Holland) and Jacob Eidson (USA) who have been developing their skills in the rapid Huracan Evo GT car. They were evaluated by a group led by Giorgio Sanna, Head of Lamborghini’s motorsport division, Squadra Corse.


収録時間 04:19
投稿 2020/01/12
シリーズ ランボルギーニ・スーパートロフェオ